Welcome to GameStop

A Based Tribute to the GameStop Stock and it’s history

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GameStop ON BASE: Halt these nuts

Welcome to the revolution you degenerate fuck. You found your way to GameStop ($GME) on Base. Traditional markets are washed—full of halts and manipulation. Look at what just happened to those who submit to the will of the traditional stock market’s bullshit. But we’re the chosen ones, free from bureaucratic nonsense and you can’t pause defi baby.

Invest in GameStop on Base. It’s not just aping a coin; it’s a middle finger to the financial overlords who think they can control us. We’re here to flip the system, ensuring your future won’t be handled by a bunch of boomers.

Join the journey. Invest in disruption. Let’s tear down the walls of financial oppression and say fuck you to the people who think they can turn off your financial freedom.

Power to the based people.

How to buy

1. Create a Wallet

Get MetaMask by downloading it either as a desktop browser extension or as a mobile app.

2. Add Base Network

To put the Base Network in your MetaMask, go to chainlist.org, find Base Network, and add it.

3. Get some ETH

Bridge your ETH to the Base Chain Network using bridge.base.org/deposit.

4. Buy $GME

Log onto app.uniswap.org in your preferred browser. Paste the $GME contract address, and swap your ETH for $GME.

Know the Tokenomics

Name: GameStop
Ticker: $GME
Tax: 0/0
Supply: 100m

LP: Locked over 1000 years

Contract renounced

Know the Roadmap


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